I'm Kathryn, and Cardamom and Tea is a blog dedicated to Assyrian food.

I was born in the United States, and my family is from Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Assyrians are a Christian minority indigenous to the Middle East, living in a diaspora scattered around the world. Because of this history, Assyrian cuisine is constantly changing to include new foods and techniques, while rooted in ancient dishes.

While some of the traditional dishes you'll find here are specific to Assyrian culture, many of them are shared by lots of different cultures all over the Middle East. I also include a lot of my own creations, inspired by traditional Middle Eastern dishes, ingredients, and techniques.

Each recipe posted to Cardamom and Tea has been tested several times to ensure that you can replicate the results in your own home. I sincerely hope you love everything you try! Please feel free to contact me (cardamom.and.tea@gmail.com) if you ever have feedback.

New photos and recipes every Wednesday and Sunday.
All posts, photographs, and recipes are by Kathryn Pauline, unless otherwise attributed.

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