I'm Kathryn, and Cardamom and Tea is a blog dedicated to Assyrian food. My mom's family is from Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. The Assyrian nation is a diaspora, so our cuisine has migrated with us all over the world, picking up new ingredients and preparations as we've survived through assimilation and migration.

Some of the dishes that are featured here are specific to Assyrian culture, but many of them are enjoyed all over the Middle East, or in other parts of the world. Instead of trying to define authentic Assyrian cuisine, I hope to instead illuminate our beautiful, diverse, and resilient culture.

Each recipe posted to Cardamom and Tea has been tested several times to ensure that you can replicate our results in your own home. When I have photographed and featured someone else's recipe, I later go through the usual testing process on my own to make sure that it works smoothly. I sincerely hope you love everything you try! Please feel free to contact me if you ever have feedback. I read and respond to every email I receive.

The name Cardamom and Tea is the way my sister, Meghan, describes the smell of our Nana's kitchen. She always has a cupboard full of Lipton tea and ground cardamom, which you can smell from the moment you open the front door.

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All posts, photographs, and recipes are by Kathryn Pauline, unless otherwise attributed.

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