ingredient highlight: orange blossom water

orange blossom water

The scent of orange blossom water is absolutely heavenly. It's incredibly fragrant, and has all of the features of oranges, but without any of the harsh, brassy notes. It is definitely worth having in your pantry, and if you're looking for ways to put that bottle to use, I've gathered together a few ideas.

ways to use it

Try adding it to some of your favorite things, like:

Or use it in these recipes:

Where to buy it

Orange blossom water is available online, in spice shops, in most Middle Eastern grocery stores, and occasionally in some Indian markets. You might also find it in a well-stocked supermarket (sometimes it's in the baking aisle with the flavor extracts, and sometimes it's in the international aisle).

Notes on orange blossom water

Like rosewater, a little goes a long way, but it's a bit less overpowering, so you can get away with adding a little more. But as with any floral fragrance, less is more.

orange blossom water